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$5.00 - $100.00 Employee Relief Donation

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$12.00 Chicken Sate

Served with rice, peanut sauce, shallot, cucumber

$12.00 Paneer Sate

Served with rice, peanut sauce, shallot, cucumber

$3.00 Peanut Sauce

Extra side of sate sauce

$9.00 Singkong Goreng

cassava, coconut, sambal ikan bilis

$13.00 Kerabu Mangga

mango salad - green mango, dried shrimp, calamansi, chili, laksa leaf

$5.00 Acar Awak

pickled mixed vegetables, belacan, peanut, sesame

$5.00 Acar Nenas

pickled pineapples, ginger, fennel seed

$5.00 Acar Limau

pickled key lime, prune, golden raisin



$18.00 Char Kway Teow

fresh rice noodles, shrimp, chinese sausage, bean sprout

$17.00 Curry Mee

egg & glass noodle, coconut, tofu, chicken, mustard greens, sambal tumis

$17.00 Veggie Curry Mee

egg & glass noodles, coconut, tofu, cauliflower, zucchini, mustard greens, sambal

Mixed Rice

$15.00 Selada Cina - Celtuce

yellow bean, tofu, crispy shallots

$13.00 Sambal Belado Brinjal

eggplant, galangal, tomato, lime leaf (vegan)

$19.00 Mushroom Rendang

coconut, lemongrass, nutmeg, lime leaf

$16.00 Nasi Goreng

fried rice with shrimp, chinese sausage, egg, peas, scallions, chilis

$16.00 Nasi Lemak

chicken confit, coconut rice, sambal, anchovy, cucumber, egg

$3.00 Sambal

Extra side of the Nasi Lemak sambal

$18.00 Udang Petai

shrimp, petai bean, tamarind, sambal tumis

$18.00 Ayam Goreng

fried chicken, salted duck yoke, curry leaf, pickled holland chili

$18.00 Pork Vindaloo

Spicy Sour Pork Shoulder served with rice, shallots, & cucumbers


$5.00 Sago

tapioca, gula melaka, coconut pandan cream

Must order at least one food item.

$20.00 Schlumberger

Pinot Blanc

$20.00 L'Oliveto


$20.00 Jean-Luc Columbo


$20.00 Poema


$60.00 Buy 3 Bottle Get One Free


Must order at least one food item.

$25.00 Minumlah!

Malaysian Milk Punch - Sugar, Citrus, Booze, Magic!

$25.00 Pisang Pening

banana-infused whiskey, sweet vermouth, angostura

$25.00 Junglebird

National Drink of Malaysia - Dark rum, Campari, demerara, pineapple, lime

$25.00 Langkawi Nights

gin, housemade "Penang" falernum, housemade orgeat, passionfruit, lemon

$25.00 Tamarind Lemonade

with your choice of Vodka, Earl Grey Infused Gin, or Mezcal

Must order one food item

$10.00 Carlsberg

Pilsner, Denmark, 5%, Tallboys

$12.00 Manor Hill Grisette

Farmhouse Ale, Md, 4.7%

$13.00 Rogue Outta Lina

IPA, 6.95, OR

N/A Bev

$5.00 Young Coconut Water

young coconut water